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I Am Not The Only One

01 Jan 2012 - 01 Feb 2012

I’m Not the Only One is a work of fiction that takes as its starting point the different motivations of actors when they leave their country. Like myths and fairy-tale heroes, the actors are also subject to transformation, each in their own way. Myth and reality, archaeology and autobiography are intertwined. And once again we are confronted with the question: what was and is our land? Constanza Macras and her company deal with inner and outer journeys and ask themselves about the consequences of the exchange between cultures.


Choreographer/Director: Constanza Macras

Part 1 : Knut Berger, Jill Emerson, Jared Gradinger, Hyoung-Min Kim

Part 2 : Nabih Amaraoui,  Nir De-Volff, Hyoung-Min Kim, Gail Sharrol Skrela, Yeri Anarika Vargas

Musicians:  Claus Erbskern, Kristina Losche-Lowensen, Almut Lustig

Costumes: Gilvan Coelho de Oliveira

Lighting Design: Mark Howett

Sound: Stephan Wöhrmann

Video:  Lisa Böffgen

Assistant Director: Sanja Ristic

Assistant Costume Designer: Julia Weis

Props: Florent Martin

Understudies:  Anja Sisenop, Margret Schütz

Produced by: DorkyPark Office  / Anna Bergel, Alexa Gröfe

  • Date: 01 Jan 2012 - 01 Feb 2012


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