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Here After

01 Dez 2011 - 30 Dez 2011

Constanza Macras being ahead of our time is not something new, but even more fascinating, since her show Here/After from 2011 thematises and critisieses the selfisolation we humans face. Agoraphobia- the fear of opan or social places or not being able to leave these- a fear we  as a society face now more than evr, not only because of social media but also covid. The piece explores the relationship between anonymity and loneliness, between the individual and urban life, between public spaces and its pathological manifestations. We see apartments of oppressive confinement, meet two women who live together and convince each other with all kinds of excuses not to leave their apartment, a lonely musician whose only dream of becoming a rock star ends in being terrified of crowds, a foreigner who never speaks, and a delivery man who is the only link between these people and the dreaded „outside“. Because it has never been so easy to be „with yourself“ in a society that makes confrontation with the „outside“ avoidable with seemingly endless possibilities of communication via the Internet, chat rooms and delivery services. And anyway: what is there out there that you absolutely have to experience live? 


By and with: Fernanda Farah, Tatiana Eva Saphir, Miki Shoji, Ronni Maciel, Santiago Blaum, Janaina Pessoa 
Guests: Nile Koetting live from Tokyo via Skype / Hiromi Iwasa on YouTube 
Director and choreography: Constanza Macras 
Dramaturgy: Carmen Mehnert 
Text: Constanza Macras 
Stage design: Tal Shacham 
Costume: Gilvan Coêlho de Oliveira 
Music: Santiago Blaum 
Light: Sergio de Carvalho Pessanha 
Sound: Stephan Wöhrmann 
Video / Photos: Manuel Osterholt 
Stage technology: Welko Funke 
Assistance: Ida Clay, Sabine Schad, Max Luz 
Costume assistant: Magdalena Emmerig 
Technical Assistance: Roberta Scalmani 
Stage design: Evelin Hernández, Kristina Kilian, Daphna Munz Costume: Friederike Wehpke 
Production management: Katharina Wallisch 
Production assistant: Sophia Roma Weyringer 
Production trainee: Judith Bodenstein 
Administration: Aminata Oelßner 
Tourmanagement: Ricardo Frayha 
A production by Constanza Macras DorkyPark and Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the Governing Mayor Berlin – Senatskanzlei – Cultural Affairs. 

  • Date: 01 Dez 2011 - 30 Dez 2011


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