Who are you ?

The renowned DorkyPark dancer Emil Bordas will present his solo at the Volksbüne in May.

In the performance Who are you? Emil Bordás is questioning the role of the individual in our time. How are the cultural background, family, society and the world-leading “trendy” theories affecting the development of the personality and the relationships between the people? The human is a social being. We need to connect to others. We want to be part of a group. When we are surrounded by people who have the same drive and goals in life we feel supported, more productive, confident and safe. More people, more power. Sounds promising, right?

But what if we think forward? More power, more desire; more desire, more expectations; more expectations, more responsibilities; more responsibilities, more stress; more stress, more conflict; more conflict, more work; more work, less time; less time, less connection; less connection, less confidence; less confidence, less understanding.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Carl Gustav Jung

Konzept, Regie, Choreographie: Emil Bordas

Music: Almut Lustig 


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