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Die Wahrheit über Monte Verita

03 Nov 2017 - 22 Apr 2018

“Die Wahrheit über Monte Verità” will be shown as a site-specific performance on the grounds of the recently opened Leipzig cotton mill and is thematically embedded in Constanza Macras‘ performance series “The Nature of Crisis”, which deals with central themes such as ecology and economy in the tense relationship between nature and crisis.
The project “The Truth about Monte Verità” focuses on the reform efforts of Rudolf von Laban, as he developed them in his “School of Art” on Monte Verità in Switzerland. Laban’s utopia of a liberating dance in harmony with nature is closely linked to his criticism of the increasing technologization and urbanization of modernity. This criticism can also be found in expressionist silent films, especially in
“Metropolis” (1927) by Fritz Lang. The production “The Truth about Monte Verità” by
Constanza Macras | DorkyPark therefore not only attempts to artistically reconstruct Laban’s art of dance
and reinterpret Laban’s dance art, but also relates these ideas to cinematic expressionism.
cinematic expressionism. The performance venue “Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig” as part of the Euroscene Festival is a predestined location that symbolizes the discrepancies of modernity, between technologization, industrialization, urbanization and the associated changes in society and creates space for new ideas in the field of art and culture.


Regie und Choreographie Constanza Macras

Kostüme Gilvan de Coêlho de Oliveira, Allie Saunders (Film)

Musik Fernanda Farah, Jelena Kuljić, Almut Lustig

Film Catalina Fernandez, Jon Street, Claire Wilkins

Regieassistenz Felipe Amaya, Nikoletta Fischer

Bühnenbild Laura Gamberg, Chika Takabayashi

Technische Leitung/ Lichtdesign Arvid Piasek

Produktion Katharina Wallisch

Produktionsoffice René Dombrowski, Josephine Reinisch

Administration  Aminata Oelßner

Tour  Ricardo Frayha

Past Shows: 

  • 03 – 05 November 2017: Hellerau, Berlin
  • 11- 12 November 2017: Verlin, Berlin
  • 19- 22 April 2018: Verlin, Berlin
  • Date: 03 Nov 2017 - 22 Apr 2018

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